Meet The Team


David Borokhovich

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David has worked in multiple sectors ranging from non-profit children's foundations in Ukraine, to political campaigns, to New York City real estate development. As a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, David teamed up with industry executives in order to create a tool to simplify the process of life.

Jane Doe

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

James Doe

Chief Financial Officer

Manu Brahmam

Software Development Advisor

Manu is a trusted Senior Advisor on the business implications of technology adoption and use from financial, operational, risk management, and marketing perspectives. He has extensive experience with leading large-scale ($10MM+) global initiatives and is a skilled strategist in IT service delivery. His portfolio includes infrastructure architecture & engineering, data center operations, service operations, and converged messaging platforms. Manu also specializes in: ERP/CRM, Middleware, Software Architecture & SOA, Business Intelligence, eCommerce, SaaS, Virtualization, High-availability, MPLS, Security, VoIP, Call Center Solutions


Ali Clark

Head of Graphic Design

After graduating and receiving a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail University in 2018, Ali has worked in various fields and has successfully been managing a CBD storefront location while also freelance graphic designing. Her experience ranges from small projects such as logo work, all the way to in-depth creative briefs to showcase what a company has to offer.


Kevin Clark

Military & Government Advisor

After graduating and receiving a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Southern New Hampshire in 2016, Kevin attainted the rank of Lieutenant in the United States Army where he was medical officer. After his service, Kevin worked to help people in Rehab treatment centers. Kevin currently owns Responsiv Contracting, Adaptiv Security, as well as serving as a Vice President of C.P. Tactical Solutions. Kevin is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple projects in various sectors.

John Gatto

Financial & Operations Advisor

With over 30 years in multiple business sectors ranging from venture capitalism to oil & gas. John is the Principal and CEO of JGO Services and a board member of TARR Capital, an investment company located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

John has also served on the Pennsylvania State University board of _____________ for _______ years

Joe Rodella

Software Development Advisor

Davina Tang

Internship Coordinator

Davina served in United States Army for over 6 years where she was a Bradley fighting vehicle mechanic as well as an overall base vehicle mechanic. She has been on the executive board of the construction company, Tang Inc, since 2009 and a freelance photographer since 2016.

With over 25 years as an entrepreneur and leader in a technology business and many community organizations, Joe looks to assist organizations, both large and small, in finding ways to creatively and effectively improve their businesses through technology. In his roles as Director of Information Systems at West Liberty University and the K-12 School District, he found ways to enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom and assist educational leadership in acquiring the information they need to run their respective businesses.